About me

Clara Young Choi was born in Seoul, Korea and studied music since she was four years old.  She attended Yonsei University as a voice major and taught piano.  Her musical background plays a strong role in her way of capturing images and moments.  She believes that the elements that constitute an image, such as the colors, lines, shapes, brightness, and contrast, all contain their own notes and beats in a very orchestral way.  These qualities piece and work together in harmony to produce a beautiful image and work of art.  She enjoys creating and sharing moments that resonate within her and hopes that they strike a unique chord within a viewer's mind.


Clara Young is a member of Washington Printmakers Gallery located in Washington D.C.  She joined the Art League in Alexandria in 2013 and has been a member of Gallery 75 since 2014.  Her work has been awarded in many contests, such as in Art in City Hall, Art League in Alexandria and in the Washington International Photography contest. In addition, she has also won silver, bronze and the grand prize of many national photo contests in Korea.  She remains active in a group show and solo exhibitions  that showcase her work throughout the year



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